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Put your old electronic devices to GOOD use

Most nursing home seniors do not have cell phones or devices like Ipads or laptops to keep them connected to the outside world. 

Let's stop and just think about that. They need to go to the nurses station to have a phone call. They can't check email, news or easily see new photos of family from near or far. 

Americans produced 7 million tons of electronic waste in 2019 along. Only 15% of that was recycled. Where do your old cell phones, kinds, ipods, e-readers and Ipads go? Seniors don't mind old equipment. If your old device can still connect to wifi, check the news, receive photos and receive basic emails, we can CHANGE a life with it. Don't toss it. Think of our seniors before you trade something in for a low amount. 

Wipe your device and mail it

Three Wishes Community Center 

102 W Stephenson Ave Harrison AR 72601. 

Let us know if you need a receipt for taxes! 


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We are always looking for youth activists who want to make a difference. Want to change the world? Fill out the application and let's see how we can help you do that. 

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