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Start a Chapter


Become a Chapter Coordinator

Make a difference in your own community. Give back. Help us raise awareness to the plight of institutionalized elders. We accept parent/child applications and adults only. What does that mean? We love to see a child and a parent apply together but we also accept applications from adults without kid partners. 

The Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents (3WRR) Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in opening a chapter of 3WRR in your area. Our organization has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last several years, and it is mostly because of the strength and dedication of our volunteers.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a 3WRR Chapter Coordinator, please read the following information carefully.


Primary Qualifications 

We are looking for people- adults or adult/child combinations who are enthusiastic about the 3WRR mission! If you are an outgoing, self-starter who wants to make a difference in the life of nursing home residents, you could be a 3WRR Coordinator. Your commitment to your chapter will have the greatest impact on its success. Depending on the size and needs of your area, a minimum of 2 hours per week is expected, and in larger areas coordinators can spend 20 hours per week. Please make sure that you have the available resources necessary before making a commitment.

1.    Applicants must be 21 years of age or older if applying alone or on behalf of their child. We love kid leaders.

2.    Excellent leadership and communication skills are necessary. This is a management position. As a coordinator you will be making decisions for the chapter within the guidelines and policies of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents.

3.    Chapters are opened for individuals or parent/child. We do collaborate with groups, guilds, clubs, and similar. Only one person or pair per chapter may serve as the chapter coordinator. The Chapter Coordinator is responsible for the chapter, and for making all decisions based upon corporate policy. These decisions and policy adherence should not be left to chapter volunteers.

4.    3WRR has no “members.” The term members indicates voting rights and exclusivity and both are contrary to 3WRR policy.

5.    This is a community service opportunity. You are expected to represent 3WRR and further the mission within the community.

6.    Applicants should have good computer skills and be able to use software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Applicants must also know how to use search engines and take advantage of search results. Applicants must have personal access to a computer in the home and have an email account set up that is separate from the family email address. Email must be checked and responded to on a regular basis. You must be able to receive and open attachments. Applicants must be able to navigate and use social media. 

7.    Phone calls and emails must be returned promptly.

8.    Applicants should have or arrange to have adequate storage space for wishes. Wish items must be stored in a clean, dry, smoke and mildew/mold free environment. As most coordinators work from their homes, you are advised to have a space dedicated to organize the administrative portion of the chapter.

9.    Fundraising is required of all Chapter Coordinators.

10.  A $100 one-time fee is required to open a new chapter. These fees must be paid by the incoming chapter coordinator. If for any reason your chapter application is not approved, your fee WILL be refunded.

Does this sound like you or your child? Let's keep going! 

Next Steps

Our chapter coordinator application process involves 5 steps. These are as follows:

1.    Make sure you meet the qualifications listed on this page

2.    Review the chapter coordinator job description. 

3.    Fill out and submit an information form letting us know about you

4.    Wait for us to review your application materials

5.    Upon approval,  pay the applicable fees at the link we will provide you.

The 3WRR Coordinator

Job Description - 

A Chapter Coordinator is the representative of 3WRR within a given geographical area, called a chapter. Chapter Coordinators are responsible for all administrative duties pertaining to the chapter.

Chapter Coordinators are required to follow all 3WRR Policies and Procedures. Chapter Coordinators must represent 3WRR in a professional and courteous manner. This includes interaction with local volunteers and businesses, facility staff, families and anyone encountered in the coordinator capacity including Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents staff.

Responsibilities include the following, which will be explained in detail within the handbook (access provided after you have been accepted and paid the requisite fees):

1.    Maintaining control and responsibility for all chapter activities.

2.    Keeping accurate records of all chapter activities, including donations coming in and out, and other donated goods your chapter may receive.

3.    Keeping accurate records and copies of all monetary donations the chapter receives.

4.    Filing accurate and timely reports with 3WRR National Headquarters

5.    Handling all correspondence with the public, volunteers, and with 3WRR staff in a timely and professional manner.

6.    Keeping all contact information up to date on website, Facebook and other social media pages.

7.    Fundraising. A minimum of $500 annually per chapter is required. A portion of this amount goes to pay for chapter insurance, state licensing, and CPA Fees. The other may be used by the chapter to purchase supplies.

8.    Ensuring quality control for all wish items donated.

9.    Establishing relationships with facilities within the community that serve institutionalized elders.

10.  Networking within the community to spread the 3WRR message.

11.  Enlisting the help of local community members to help hand out wish items, solicit activities for elders, and/or volunteer in other ways when needed.

12.  Maintaining a level of chapter activity (specifically wish deliveries) appropriate for your demographical and geographical area.

13.  Ensuring wish items are labeled and appropriate for delivery and signed in with facility staff. Some items will need to be added to the residents inventory list.

14.  Following all 3WRR Policies and Procedures.

See below to complete the form so we can learn about you! 








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